Because a plastic-free world is possible, join Societe Generale's "Free from plastic" challenge with your innovative and sustainable solutions. Let's take up the challenge together!

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Choose from the following categories and propose YOUR alternative to single-use plastic.


The transition to zero single-use plastic in food distribution is a major challenge. 

The objective is threefold: 

>To define alternative packaging that is cost-effective, sustainable and capable of protecting food during transport and storage. 
> Raise awareness on plastic pollution 
>To help them adopt new good practices.

Today, there are different alternatives to single-use plastic such as paper or cardboard, reusable packaging, biodegradable and compostable materials (cellulose, cornstarch, plant fibers), alternative materials based on mushrooms, eggshells, sugarcane pulp or algae, or natural packaging such as banana or palm leaves. Whatever the type of packaging, we are looking for solutions to integrate these new materials into our various food distribution channels in contact with employees in our locations in France.